Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Lighter Gluten-free Sugar Cookie

National Sugar Cookie Day in the USA -  So I made a lighter gluten-free sugar cookie.

Would you believe, I was reading an article on about nutrients and saw a link to the lower left for recipes?  I am a recipe junky, so of course, I had to click on it.  I checked it and saw a link to ‘Lighter Sugar Cookies Recipe’Of course, I had to convert it to gluten-free.

Earlier last month, I decided to mix up a couple batches of gluten-free flour mixes, because the purchased mixes contain more starch than I really like.  I have a higher starch one and one similar to the nutrients of whole-wheat flour, which I really miss being able to use.

The original recipe uses half white; half whole-wheat pastry flour, thus the reason I decided to use my whole-grain mix.

The changes/ substitutions were:

 6 tablespoons of Canola Harvest margarine
 SPLENDA® Sugar Blend instead of half sugar/half sucralose - same as half sugar/sucralose.
             2 tablespoons liquid egg white
             1/2 tsp vanilla powder instead of vanilla extract
             My mix was a self-rising mix – just makes them puff up a little more
 I did not brush them with the half and half (fat-free)
             I mixed as listed using a hand mixer just until mixed, because GF batter will get
               tough,  if over mixed.
- Cookies on parchment paper covered baking sheets-

-Baked about 10 minutes at 400 F.-
-Removed from oven, after the cookies puffed up and started to deflate.-

-Removed to a cool baking sheet to finish cooling –
Frosted the first pan out with some strawberry frosting

 - A closer view -

- Ready to  serve  up –

They were nice and soft.  As with many gluten-free baked goods, eat within two days.  Store in air-tight container.

 As made

Lighter Sugar Cookies
1 1/2 cup gluten free self-rising whole-grain flour mix
1/2 cup Splenda for Baking
6 tbsp canola harvest margarine
1 1/2 tablespoons fat-free half-and-half  
2 tablespoons liquid egg white (eggbeaters egg white)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
1/2 teaspoon almond extract

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
2. Combine the flour mix, vanilla powder and sugar blend in the bowl of an electric mixer; beat on low speed to blend. Add margarine, half-and-half, egg white, and almond extract all at once, then beat on low just until dough forms.
3. Divide dough into 24 balls.  Press slightly with hands or spatula to flatten into desired shape on the prepared cookie sheet.
4. Bake for about 8 to 9 minutes or until edges are browned. The cookie will puff and start to deflate.  
5. Remove from oven as it begins to deflate.
6. Remove from pan. Let cool on another cool cookie sheet.  Frost if desired.

Servings: 24
Yield: 2 dozen  cookies

Nutrition Facts - each cookie
Nutrition (per serving): 84 calories, 3.9g total fat, 2g monounsaturated fat, <1g polyunsaturated fat, 0g trans fatty acids, <1g saturated fat, <1mg cholesterol, 63.7mg sodium, 24.5mg potassium, 10.1g carbohydrates, <1g fiber, 9.6g net carbohydrates, <1g starch, 4.4g sugar, <1g protein, <1mg iron, 3.7mcg folate, <1mg vitamin c, 10IU vitamin d, <1mg vitamin b6, <1mcg vitamin b12, <1mg niacin, 0mcg lycopene, <1g aspartic acid, <1g glutamic acid.

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  1. Great looking cookies! I should have new appliances soon--can't wait to start baking again. :)