Sunday, February 5, 2012

Making A Heart-Shaped Cake - Without A Heart-Shaped Pan

I needed to make a heart shaped cake in a hurry yesterday and did not want to dig through the cabinets to find the heart-shaped pan.  If you own a heart-shaped pan, it is probably the pan least used .
I remember years ago dabbling in cake decorating.  I made several cakes using just plain pans instead of the pre-shaped ones.

I wasn’t sure how this actual cake came out as it was a ‘scratch’ gluten-free marbled chocolate cake.  I was in a rush to make it.  Finally, today I decided to cut and taste a piece of it. Actually, it  is very chocolaty.  The super sweet Duncan Hines’ glaze complements the dark chocolate.  So I will keep the recipe and make it again next week for some of the kiddies in the family.

Heart-shaped cake - Chocolate marbled 2

Below are the steps to take, if you do not have an actual heart-shaped pan and want to make a heart-shaped cake.

This method makes a perfect heart-shaped cake.

First, trace the bottom of the pans.

 Heart-shaped cake - create a stencil to determine what size cake plate needed
These pans are 6-inch x 2-inch, making a 9-inch heart.

Fold the round cut into half and cut. Trim the square one. Lay them together to make a heart.

Heart-shaped cake - layout

Lay the shape on the cake plate or cake board that you plan to use. Cakes baked in the 6-inch pans will barely fit a 10-inch cake board. No addition frosting along the base will fit.

Heart-shaped cake - layout on different cake boards

If you are making a chocolate cake, grease the pans with solid shortening and dust with a small amount of cocoa so the cake will be dark instead of having white spots. When dusting, do one at a time, so as to use any extra cocoa from one pan in the other one.  Tap loose cocoa from one pan into the next one to be dusted.

Heart-shaped cake - grease and dust with cocoa for chocolate cakes

Spread the batter and any other additions evenly into the pans.  Fill to the same level in each pan. Bake, allow to cool, then assemble.

Heart-shaped cake - ready to assemble

Cut the round cake across the center and arrange as shown.  Assemble bottom sides up.  Gently push the cake together.  Apply frosting to ‘cement’ the cake, filling the seams.

Heart-shaped cake - assembling

Frost as you normally would, smoothing to fill in any crevices from the seams.  As this shows, aluminum foil is not the best presentation  for a cake that will be put on display. Use parchment paper to cover the cake board instead, if you do not have a plate large enough.

Heart-shaped cake - Chocolate marbled 3

The day afterwards, the cake tasted quite good! I trimmed the aluminum foil and moved it to a large serving dish.

Heart-shaped cake - Chocolate marbled -cut

Heart-shaped cake - Chocolate marbled - cut III

Chocolate  Cream Cheese Marbled Cake

Chocolate Cake
2 cups chocolate cake mix ( about a 15 to 16 oz. box)
1 tbsp meringue powder, optional
1 1/4 cups milk (of any kind or water)
1/2 cup  butter, room temperature (or oil)
3 eggs

Cream Cheese Layer4 oz cream cheese
2 tbsp liquid egg product (or save 1/2 egg from cake)
2 tbsp sugar, granulated


Preheat oven to 350 F. Blend all ingredients with a mixer until smooth for about e minutes.
Prepare pans using solid shortening.  Dust with rice flour or cocoa powder. Tap to remove any additional
Blend Cream Cheese Layer ingredients
Place 2/3 of the amount intended in each pan. Dollop cream cheese mixture over each pan. Using a fork, slightly spread the cream cheese mixture out over the pan.  Finish spreading the remaining batter over each pan up to the amount intended for each pan.
Any leftover batter can be baked as cupcakes.
Bake  for about 25 to 30 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.

Optionally frost with your favorite frosting.

Servings: 24
Yield: 13X9 or 2 layer cake or the heart-shaped cake and 6 cupcakes

Can also be baked in 2 round cake pans or made into cupcakes.  fill cupcakes only 2/3 full or they will overflow.
To make smaller cake, cut recipe in half
Basically use any cake mix and recipe to make the heart-shaped cake.


  1. Very cute! My sister makes a bunny cake at Easter much the same way. I'm going to have to get the "recipe" from her to make one. :)

    1. Haven't made that one in many years! white with coconut and pink ears