Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hearty Soups and Pasta Sauce from Roasted Vegetables


Roasting vegetables and fruits brings out the best flavors in them without requiring much seasoning because the natural flavors come out during the roasting.


Roasted or baked sweet potatoes are sweet and flavorful enough that they can be eaten as is. We had baked sweet potatoes growing up. There was a time that was what we had for lunch! And nobody starved or suffered from malnutrition.


We enjoyed those fresh garden vegetables, fruits and berries from the area. If anything arrived by truck back then, it was from a few miles out from nearby farms. I remember seeing people bartering with vegetables for meat or poultry or eggs.


The last trip I took along US 49 in Arkansas heading West to Brinkley, there was a little shed with fruits and vegetables for sale. Every trip I’ve taken down that highway, there was always that little shed! Oh, and we always stopped even though we were days away from home!  Most of the time, we ate the fruit we bought within a day.


Most cities have large farmers markets, but those aren’t the same as those individual “stands”.  Sometimes you actually knew the family or even if you didn’t, you remembered them from year to year and knew their life stories.  Although the large farmers markets have some really good food, it’s the ‘knowing the providers/growers’ that make it more interesting.


If you have never roasted or baked vegetables or fruits, it’s time to try it.  That roasted or baked food will make you go …. um yum good!


It’s about time to heat up some of the last batch of soup, just writing about it makes my mouth water!


From September

Roasted vegetables

From August

Roasted Vegetables 

September - soup with roasted vegetables

This one included roasted potatoes, carrots, winter squash, peppers, green beans and corn.  It also has ‘fresh’ carrot juice instead of tomato juice.  I do not recommend canned or non-refrigerated bottled carrot juice! Basically if it does not taste like fresh squeezed, it will not have a good effect on this soup.

The finished soup - it comes out like stew, with potatoes doing some major thickening! Delicious for sure!

Roasted Vegetable Soup

soup with roasted potatoes and carrots served this one is very thick

Roasted Vegetable Soup


Soup - roasted vegetables with black and kidney beans added

Roasted Vegetable Bean Soup


Pasta Sauce

Roasted Vegetable  - pasta sauce

Roasted Vegetables served

Roasted Vegetables


Preparing soup with a few roasted vegetables

I needed to add other ingredients here, because there was only about 2 cups of roasted vegetables left.
over-ripe tomatoes, frozen mixed vegetables, roasted carrots, roasted corn, roasted potatoes and roasted squash. Cooked sliced okra will be added last

Soup- adding fresh tomatoes

Adding a small amount of quinoa, which will thicken the soup, prior to adding the fresh tomatoes

Soup  - adding quinoa


Finished it off with fresh carrot juice

Vegetable Soup - slow cooker

Preparing the okra separate

cooking okra

Added the okra - would be ready to serve in about half an hour

Roasted Vegetable Soup

The finished soup  -  Delicious for sure!


soup with few roasted vegetables served with muffin                                                                            served with cranberry flax muffin

Roasted Vegetable Soup

Prepping the Vegetables

I cover the pans with foil and rub oil over to prevent sticking.  The oil is absorbed into the vegetables. Makes for an easy clean-up.  These can also be roasted in a large covered grill.

roasting veggies- oiled pan

Cut the summer squash in cubes

Roasting Vegetables - cutting squash

Winter squash

Roasting Vegetables - cutting squash

Winter squash carrots and corn

Roasting Vegetables- carrots corn squash

peppers in slices and strips

Roasting Vegetable  - peppers

End pieces of the peppers can be diced for salads or adding to omelets

Roasting Vegetables - pepper ends - chop for sauteing

eggplant and summer squash

Roasting Vegetables - eggplant and squash


Roasting Vegetables - sweet potatoes and white potatoes


Get to it!   Roast those veggies and fruits!

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