Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Heirloom Bean and Ham Soup


This is Wintertime hearty soup!

It is so easy to mix up a pot of soup these days. No recipe needed…
Just buy a bean mix, add a few spices, herbs, ginger, onions, cubes of ham, broth and as a final touch, pureed fire roasted tomatoes.  I love thickened soups, so I always add a small amount of quinoa. Usually it is just one-fourth cup.

This cooked on high for two hours and low for about 4 hours.  This is an old Crock Pot so it does not heat as hot as the newer fancy slow cookers.

This is after all day simmering

Heirloom Bean and Ham Soup

Heirloom Bean and Ham Soup

I found this large bag at a warehouseheirloom beans

Picked and rinsed well

Heirloom Beans

I did a pre-boil with ginger to remove some of the toot power and the package also stated the mix would foam a bit. After boiling, drain and add drained beans to Crock Pot with spices and broth. 

Heirloom Beans

Heirloom Beans

Add the quinoa during the last half hour of cooking.

Isn’t it nice you can scan the can and find where the tomatoes were grown?

2061 (2)

And of course I also baked some sweet potatoes in the skin

2058 (2)



Now eating left-overs

heirloom bean soup 1

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