Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gluten-free bagel? No, wait, it’s a gluten-free hamburger bun!

I mixed up a recipe for bagels about 6 months ago, but never made them.  As with other mixes, it was just sitting in the refrigerator, waiting for me to do something with it.

Yesterday as I was looking for something to cook for dinner, without going to the grocery store, I saw the package of mix.  At first, I was going to try to make bagels, but remembered the disaster the first time I attempted to make some.

There was no need really to make bagels, as I have two packages of UDIs (fridge and freezer).   So, I thought, why not just make the dough, spread it in my ‘fabulous’  muffin top pan and see what happens.

As I finished the dough, spread it in the greased pan…..  I thought uhmm, why not sprinkle some sesame seeds on top?

I discovered that my combination George Foreman oven works great for letting dough rise.  It is not large enough for the muffin top pan.  So I had to improvise for something to cover the pan without disturbing the rising dough.  I have some of those large storage containers that are really old.   After trying a couple, found one that fit perfectly. 

I was so excited to see the dough rising under the container, decided to warm the oven a bit and slide it into the oven to allow it to rise.  The dough was progressing beautifully, so I had to take it out carefully with the top intact to allow the oven to heat up.

It seemed like forever for that oven to heat to 375F, so I carefully slid that pan in at 355F and let it continue to rise a little.  I was standing peeping thru the glass as the buns rose, like a kid peeping thru a candy store window!

When they were all puffed up, I had to tell myself to take a break and let the bread bake!  So I took about a ten minute break to unload the camera of the pictures I had been taking.

The buns were quite puffed up with a crispy outer and soft inside.   Wow, was I pleased!

Well, if you want to try your hand at making a gluten–free hamburger bun, try this one: Gluten-Free Hamburger Bun.    This will make ‘real’ hamburger buns that are larger than mine.

I was so excited about the success of the buns that I had to pull the Canyon Bake House bag out of the freezer for a compare!

Doesn’t this look good for gluten-free?  Now to find something to place on the bun…..maybe a turkey burger??

I will definitely try this again!   They taste good too!

The difference between making gluten-free bread and wheat bread is in the method. 

  • ·         Gluten –free bread has to be ‘beaten’ with the paddle rather than the dough hook.   If you have a good heavy hand mixer, you can use it too.  The dough will eventually kill the hand mixer because it really needs a heavy-duty mixer.

  • ·         All of the dry ingredients are mixed together.  All of the wet ingredients are mixed together.  The wet ingredients are added to the dry ingredients and mixed. 
  • ·         The dough is scraped into the baking container and shaped with a wet spatula or damp hands.  I prefer using a spatula, dipped in water with the extra water shaken off.
  • ·         You get one chance for the bread to rise.  There is one rise only.   No punch-downs, no second rise.
 If you are lucky, you will have success.  I do recommend buying a muffin top pan.

My motto is “baking gluten-free bread is a crap-shoot”.   It is kind of like Forrest Gump says, “life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get

Lately, I have had more successes than failures. 

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